November 30, 2010

Shareholders In Awe

It's a few degrees below freezing tonight and the wind is 'quite brisk'.  In this lovely weather I just got back from my student company's first shareholders meeting. It was held at a different building from where I teach, closer to the city center and in the evening. Yes, you might say I was somewhat less than enthusiastic at being made to leave the heat of my home and face the slippery half frozen ice, catch a metro and find a place I'd never been to.
But I have to say I was in for a few surprises. Firstly, the location of the school is practically "on" the tramline - so close that you see the darn building as soon as you step out of the metro station. Secondly, the students were all there on time - all in their very best clothes and fully organized with a super cool state of the art presentation... Prezi ring a bell? Ok, it's true that the coffee did hold up the start of the meeting, but besides that glitch, the students were well organized, they knew what to say, and had a nice audience of about 15 shareholders! You won't believe it - but they even have the first draft of their website on the air !
Well done! I'm very happy for 'my' students. They did me proud tonight!

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