December 25, 2010

Snowed in for the holidays

A good friend and colleague from another school, is unable to fly to her hometown tonight - and will miss spending Christmas with her family. Lots of other people are snowed in, and spending their time in airports or having a dinner tomorrow out of cans...

As for me, I've been cooking all day for the big holiday tomorrow, which is not my holiday, since I just celebrated Hanuka a couple of weeks ago, but still it's fun to cook a big meal and have people over.

And luckily, I've finished correcting my essays until the next resit period, because sadly, not too many people passed... Although, compared to how the writing was in the beginning, I can say that everyone seems to have learned a lot - that's a good sign, right? On the right track?

So, the holidays are here. I can officially rest from teaching and correcting for a few days while I concentrate on cooking (yes, just a little more), and relaxing with friends and family.

I wish all the people out there a very good, calm and happy holiday season, no matter what you are celebrating or not celebrating - in the winter we need a little joy to keep us going until the spring... If you are inside and warm, remember those less fortunate than ourselves and think about the gift of giving...

Happy Holidays :)

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