December 15, 2010

Word of the Year: Tentsletje

Well, it turns out that "Tentsletje" is Flemish, not Dutch, so officially I shouldn't have to know this word. Nor any word in Dutch for that matter, since I teach in the International Dept. And all our meetings and internal emails are in English. But it turns out that the best way for me to wake up in the dark mornings of December is with my Wake Up light AND radio. These days it's tuned to Q-music - a popular, if rather obnoxious radio station. They claim to be more sophisticated than their main competitor, Sky Radio, and so forego the Christmas songs. But that's not the reason I like them. In the morning, they have a funny chat show - and although they speak fast, I get most of what they say - in Dutch. Yes, it improves my language skills. And if I can occasionally surprise my Dutch speaking students with what I heard on the radio in Dutch, perhaps it might motivate them to listen to English language radio - (BBC?) and surprise me back...?  So, back to the Belgian 'Word of the Year'... (imagine a drumroll)... Now for you non-Europeans, you may find this rather shocking, but the meaning of this word which I suppose could be translated to "Tent Slut" is: "A girl who might, for example, frequent music festivals and there, in her tent, have sex with multiple partners." So, what's not to like about this part of the world? (Said with a raised eyebrow...)
And if you don't believe me, check out the Telegraph (UK)...


  1. Right; the reality of our civilized choice of the year, dawned upon me in the evening... whilst checking out today's happenings watching DWDD.
    'Tentsletje' HELLP! Okay; might it happen... boredom during a music festival... what to do?
    Anybody knows the alternative choice..? Like Pedopriester? What's the world .....?

  2. Maybe it shows that the intellectual class here in Europe, similar to USA, is non-existent... just like Gore Vidal said recently in an interview - When he was asked 'But aren't you an intellectual - and an American?" He replied, "There are always some aberrations..."