January 18, 2011

100% concentrated

The main problem I have with studying is my massive lack in concentration. This isn’t that much of a problem when dealing with mathematics or any other courses that involve logic, but when it comes down to studying books full of text I just panic. I always start out very optimistic, but my mind soon wanders off to what we are having for dinner or if I should polish my nails a different color since the one I have on now is fading. This is often followed by stress. Here are some tips if you have trouble concentrating like me:

1. Don’t take a break in between. Once you stop studying and relax, it’s hard to return to your books.

2. I don’t take fish oil tablets at the moment, but they do help with concentrating after you take one a day for a week

3. Make sure your messengers are closed when you are studying on the computer. When someone is talking to you on skype or msn it’s distracting.

4. Study groups only work for serious people, but when you are not serious or have trouble concentrating like I do, you will most likely end up talking instead of studying.

If anybody else has some other tips on how to concentrate better let me know, I would love to hear them.


  1. Although I agree with most of your tips, I disagree with the one regarding taking breaks! According to a report I heard on HBR's IdeaCast, the brain can only function effectively for 90 min periods. So, taking a short break in between to refresh yourself actually increased concentration. Your problem of not being able to get back to study has more to do with self discipline - Listening to that little voice that says: study now! :)

  2. The things that keeps me goin' when I'm learning is.... music... I NEED to listen to music. The room needs to be empty and the music has to be played gently in the background. After a few minutes my body just goes into trance and studying goes by itself….
    It might sound impossible but once you’re “in your own world” there’s no other study method that works better (for me).