January 10, 2011

All we need is motivation

First of all I’ll start with a short introduction. My name is Manisha, also a 1st year Trade Management Asia student at HES. I was born and raised in the Netherlands, but I will not bore you with the long story or my heritage, since there is a lot to tell. Maybe you’ll figure out eventually.

2010 has not been the easiest year for me since I actually did another study program before this one which did not really fit me that well. And I knew it didn’t fit me well, but everybody kept telling me it did and eventually I stopped because I knew it wouldn’t work out since I wasn’t motivated. After that I was really lost on what do with my life and ended up doing the Trade Management Asia and I do not regret it one bit.

My main force behind this choice was learning Japanese and going on exchange to another country in the third year. Beside that I have some ambition for starting a business in the future, although I’m still a little lost on what kind of business I would like to start. But I hope to figure it out on the way and until that time learn as much as I can.

This time around I feel more motivated and I think motivation is really what you need to have if you want to accomplish anything in life.


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  2. Very happy to see additional crewmembers :D

    Warm welcome to you, Manisha.

  3. I really look forward to hearing more from you Manisha! What was your other study that you did before this one, by the way? :)

  4. Thanks:)! It was architecture, really not similar to this one.

  5. Funnily enough, before i studied for my MBA (about a million light years ago), I was considering architecture. But now I'm glad I can combine creativity with marketing/teaching/etc in my current job. What was it about architecture that attracted you in the first place? And what turned you off?