January 1, 2011

A few words in mind..

Let me be honest from the very beginning, writing is definitely not my strongest quality… But the fact that you’re reading this must mean I’m at least not illiterate!

So, who am I and what made me participate in writing Study leaks’ blogs?

My name is Noël, one of many –but very few Eritrean- 1st year Trade Management Asia students at the Hva, HES.

Many (if not all) students at the HES establish their own company through the Young Enterprise project and experience difficulties during their business period. My reason for being here is to write articles that highlight these problems, and of course to provide answers or solutions to some of the obstacles we’ve all faced or may encounter in the future.

Now that you know who I am and why I’m here, i’m thinking, since Audrey shared a secret with you when introducing herself, perhaps it’s fair to give you one of mine… A small, but outrageous and maybe even impossible but not unrealistic *wink* *wink* secret.....Become the worlds first trillionaire! Yes my fellow entrepreneurs, 12 zero’s and a title unrecognizable by Microsoft’s spelling correction. Maybe you’re thinking, Donald Trump? Bill Gates? Warren Buffet? No, none of these ridiculously rich old men comes even close to that figure.

So…..hopefully I’ll see more of you readers in 2011 and eventually you’ll see more of me, therefore, don’t hesitate and comment on anything that comes to mind!!


  1. Welcome Noel! Great to have you on board! :)

  2. Hi Noël!
    Bill Gates isn't that old! He is only 56 if I remember correctly, which is quite young if you compare him to other billionaires.
    The worlds first trillionaire is quite a goal, have any plans on how are going to achieve such a goal?

  3. First things first. How and why questions might be answered at another day. Stick around and perhaps you’ll find out ☺

  4. Wow mysterious.....^.^
    It was rude to ask the chefs' recipe.
    I'm looking forward to another blog entry of you☺