January 17, 2011

Happily happily

My S.France pic also adds happiness in the grey of winter...
Somehow I have the feeling that some people are reading this blog and somehow that cheers me up. Besides the stats report, more important to me is the fact that students did come to the review day I had last week, and those who missed it, asked to meet me today! Not only that, but more students than usual showed up - which could indicate that they read that the feedback might be helpful for them. Or it might just be a coincidence?

Hard to say why, but somehow I feel a better connection to the students these days - and again - that might just be the seeing them one on one rather than in a big group of chit chatting, sms/pinging/tweeting students... But perhaps the blogging - and them hearing the more personalized version of me contributes to this?

I enjoy the face to face contact and felt this week and last that they came to the review not to renegotiate the grade but rather to really learn from their mistakes! Happy happy me. That was my aim - apart from teaching essay writing - to teach them how to learn! :)

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