January 31, 2011

New start new chances

While many students are cheering now because they passed the evil horror exams of the Hes , some students ran away before entering the haunted school. Hard times ask for hard students even though it wasn’t close to a picnic some students did great and some well let’s say, less great. But looking at the whole picture I can’t complain. I am happy my class still has most of the same soldiers I entered the battlefield on. Some exams were just like the most evil thing alive while some were a relaxed walk in the park. But overall I am so relieved I got my share of the cake to survive this epic tale. And with cake I mean those hard earned study points. The subject Qm0 where many students complain is made less of a burden, even though its hard work with a good teacher or in my case I can say teachers its passable so never give up and always fight for your beliefs, because a day not aiming for top is a day falling down.


  1. Hey Kenjiro! Way to go! :) very fun reading.

  2. I very much agree with the bottom line: A day not aiming for the top is a day falling down !

    It is worth a T-shirt or a banner.

  3. Kenjiro I really like your style!
    I've got to say; Qm0 was a devil amongst devils!
    But yes, it is passable, not sure how if you haven't had any extensive experience with the subject, but like you said giving up isn’t an option.
    Quitters never win and winners never quit.