January 10, 2011

Spreading the YEN news

Hey guys! By now we all have our Young Enterprise (YEN) companies set up and hopefully everyone’s got their products ready to sell…

Now comes the hard part – How do we get the message across? But rather than reinvent the wheel, we thought we’d check with previous year’s students – and we know a few things:
1. The market fair in March is too little too late.

2. Often our own students and teachers want to buy from us, but they don’t know what we’re selling!

3. The more we spread the good word, the better sales will be!

So, we came up with a way to advertise all the YEN companies:

We want to set up a website in which the new YEN businesses can both promote their products/service AND exchange useful information about trading with (international) companies.

For a small fee, probably less than 5 euros, each YEN company will be represented on the website for a whole YEN period, allowing visitors to browse through products and easily allowing them to contact the companies. This means one contact point instead of nearly a hundred! Once the company is liquidated, the company name and main product or services will be stored and can be accessed by every student to research used company names and product ideas.

A forum or blog is definitely something to consider adding, it generates discussions and serves as platform for questions and answers. The intention is to have a free-for-all forum in which every student can participate in these discussions or answer other people’s questions.

The forum is also meant to exchange success stories, flops or tips and tricks to help one another achieve that profit which we’re all so hungry for.

The website, in association with the forum and blog, will serve as a valid source of information for every YEN project, whether it’s a YEN group from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam or any other academy or university in The Netherlands.

The question is, would this ‘tool’ help you and your company? Leave your comments, additional ideas or criteria, and help us establish such a website!


  1. Ha ha, if no one from the YEN companies responds, does that mean that there is no YEN activity going on or that they are hard at work - studying for the next lot of exams? :)

  2. Good idea about the blog, the website even better! Easy and cheap promotion for only 5 euro. Only I think it's a lot of work if you want to keep a blog but it is also a way of avoiding a lot of questions. What to do what to do... First studying for the exams!

  3. This website is worth the effort, I can ensure you. It serves like a database and source of information for all your questions and uncertainties or just to promote your product and/or service.
    I was hoping I could get student advisors to be active on the forum as well, answering questions or to give advice.