December 23, 2010

Too Tech or Not Too Tech!

I should stay more up-to-date with all the tech developments. On many things such as iPhone, iPad and twitterring I am way behind. So here you have an example of the last group of the product diffusion curve called laggards. Or should I label myself as a late majority? I refuse to buy a smart phone as for me the simple function of the phone is to call people, not browse websites, check your mail, watch videos or play games. And the blackberry-texting addiction? I cannot be bothered. Can you believe that only today, one week before 2010 is over I made a twitter account and I already get annoyed by spam links and strange follower requests.

When is it too much? Too much typing, too much texting, too much obsessing over mobile devices and computer screens. Where is the borderline? Information is good. Unfiltered information in bulk is exhausting, confusing and time-consuming. Do we become time-efficient or do we spend more time checking emails, twittering, screening numerous articles on the subject of our school report that is due tomorrow?

Do we release our stress online or does it bring even more frustration into our daily lives when we forget our password, our internet is down or the latest episode of Dexter would not stream?

Now blogging. Is it good? Is it useful? Is it insightful? I read a few blogs on management and other business topics and some of them I do find very interesting. Certainly, the purpose of them is to start a discussion, gather feedback or just to educate readers about little things or big things or what we thought were big things although they are really fads.

What am I going to make out of this blog? Basically, this will be the record of thoughts and experiences about what it is like to be part of the international department of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam/the University of Applied Sciences that might trigger the readers to share their experiences and opinions, agree or disagree with me. I teach at HvA. You, reader, might be searching for a university to go to, or you are part of this school or have been part of it in the past. And even if you are none of the three categories mentioned, you are more than welcome to stay. Co-creation and crowd-sourcing is what will keep this blog alive.

For now wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

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  1. I'm a lot like you with technology and I've only recently gotten a smartphone myself, M. I didn't think that I would have much use for all of the extra crap that is on them. It's really inconvenient to have to deal with software taking up space and not being able to install it. But, someone, somewhere is profiting from it. Seems funny, but I felt like I had more freedom with my old mobile phone in Russia. One trip to Svyaznoy and I could buy minutes to use from whoever had the best rate for usually a cheaper price than I can get here. However, this phone was free as an upgrade and to be honest, it has replaced my need for a laptop, and I consolidated all of my telecommunications needs and spend less as a result. Plus I can take it anywhere. I get 1.5 mbps in the remote areas of the Ozark mountains of Arkansas. Only catch is that I'm under a 2 year contract. I suppose the debate is whether personal freedom or economic freedom is worth sacrificing one for the other.