January 9, 2011

You can bring a horse to water...

The saying goes, "You can bring a horse to water, but you can't make it drink." And I'm thinking of this sentence as I answer emails of students complaining about their grades, wondering why they failed, and wondering myself - who failed - me or them?    
Did I or did I not show them where the water was? Did I tell them how they could drink, how much, and when the fresh water would be poured in? Did they realize if they didn't drink on time, a drought might come, another animal might finish up the water before their thirst was quenched? I guess that's enough with the metaphors, right?

But the point is this - many of my students have failed their exams. I have tried my best to motivate them, to make school fun, to impress upon them that we don't give out grades for free at the HvA, but sadly, despite their undoubtable capability to succeed, for whatever reasons, far too many did not. Yes, they will get a second chance - but will they grab that chance with 2 hands?
I'm reminded of the story of the homeless guy with the dream radio voice video I saw today on YouTube: Homeless guy gets second chance He did get a second chance - and I really hope he succeeds. And I hope my students will too. YES THEY CAN. But will they?

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