February 20, 2011

Look, Listen, Scream

While some students sail the accountanSEA, some others fly the management plain. Both are not easy to tackle, like we see in the Superbowl. But some students faces look like The scream by Edward Munich. Sometimes I ask myself why some schools have so many drop out students.
Is it not the school who should be supporting the students not to stop and push us to make it. For example the little engine that could never stopped oh hell no he went and puffed until he puffed his last puff. In other words we are all little engines and we can make it to the top on this big mountain called HES. On the other hand some teachers really want you to pass and care about their students.I once heard a teacher say ''if you fail I fail because it's my job to make you pass''. Wise words from a wise teacher. So remember to always do your best in class your teacher is trying his/her best to teach you, Teachers don't become teachers because of the money or the fame, they become teachers so they can teach a new generation their knowledge.

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