February 27, 2011

Provincial Elections, Yes or No?

For the past few weeks, we’re being bombarded with promotion videos, ridiculous campaign ads and bullshit speeches given by our politicians.

But, how important are these Provincial Elections? And how do or may these elections affect our students and teachers?

Lets take a look at some facts first and than I’ll tell you how important it is for us to vote against the current coalition. Here are some of the current “Cabinet-Rutte” education cuts and how much money it produces;

- Abolish the OV-studentcard (€65 – €95 million)

- Havo & VWO will take 1 less year to complete

- Double college money (€500 million)

- Basic grant (basisbeurs) will be transformed into a loan system (€350 million)

- Parents will be forced to pay for extra school materials, which are now subsidised.

- Less school hours, less courses, less teachers and shorter course hours (1.5 billion)

- Reduce the amount of profiles you can choose. (€854 million)

- Shorter studies in general. (€312 million)

- My personal favourite cut: make students pay a ridiculous amount of €3000,- for every extended school year (With retroactive pay!!!!), meaning, the current 80.000 slacking students will be held responsible for another €240 million.

Remember, there are many more cuts planned that will influence students and children who have a hard to catching up with the rest of their classes, these are just some of the destructive cuts.

To sum this up, an increase in school costs, less hours, less teachers, bigger classrooms, shorter educations and they DARE to make us pay DOUBLE the college money (HBO: from €1620 to €3240 each year)

You concerned? Read futher!

Are you as concerned as I am? Help and vote against the current coalition (VVD, CDA & (PVV)). You do this by voting for one of the other big political parties (D66, Groenlinks, SP, PvdA)

The provincial elections are important because the winners choose the members of the First Board (Eerste Kamer)

Through this election, the oppositions (D66, Groenlinks, SP & PvdA) may have a majority in the First Board, allowing them to reject new laws made by the VVD & CDA and their partner PVV.

I know that the information provided may not be enough to have to help people make a choice but feel free to ask questions regarding this issue!!!!

*Note: SP is the most students friendly political party with a decent size and members in the Second Board (Tweede Kamer).


  1. Thanks for this post which does help clarify what's what... i had no idea how it was all connected. For foreigners it seems a bit complicated. But I for one don't want any cuts made to higher education - although - if the students had to pay more - maybe there would be more serious students at school?

  2. That is true, in every way… But as soon as these changes are adopted, a higher education mostly becomes accessible for students with “well stated” parents, UNLESS you’re willing to get into debt (above the loan that replaces the study-fund (studiefinanciering))
    And for the students who work their butts off to be able to afford these outrages future college money, their mentality towards school will most likely change, positively, if they find the time.