February 25, 2011

Ready, Aim, Fire!

For a while now school has been grinding my gears it takes a tremendous part of my time, and will continue so for a few years. I can say I have learned a lot and gained a good cup education and experience. Here are some tips for surviving the jungle so you don't lose your way and get eaten by yourself while screaming for mummy '' What am I doing here?''.(1) Begin early with studying, try to learn as much as possible make notes and pay attention. (2) Ask for help from you fellow students and study in groups, but don't make it a tea party because you don't want to be like a bunch people talking all day. (3) When you get the time make a summary from what you learned every 3 weeks, so you can be up to date. (4) Ask for support lessons from students who already done the classes, with their experience you can see the traps that are waiting for you ahead.
With these four steps get through that jungle it may be dark, but once you reach the other side you will be jumping for joy.

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