February 16, 2011

Summer school in Seoul

Spring hasn't even begun and we are already receiving mails that influence our summer plans. A few days ago we TMA(Trade Management Asia) students have received a mail about summer school in South Korea. A lot of us TMA students watch Korean drama’s or/and listen to the music and it has been THE topic of this week in my class. I never would have guessed that I wanted to go to school in the summer break and many of my fellow students feel the same.

So what is this summer school exactly. From what I know, it’s a five week school program for which they offer 40 courses given in English, which are not only economic courses, but also courses about Korean culture. They also offer a Korean language course. There are also a lot of out of school activities offered. The total package of mandatory fees is 2900000 Korean Won or 1921,88 euro. If you would like to get picked up at the airport and like to stay at the dormitory it’s an additional 311,48 euro. This all does not include the fee of a plane ticket and I don’t think it covers the food cost either.

Although I’m pretty sure I won’t get to go this year, since the fee for this summer school is not reachable within my budget, I do look forward to the information meeting about it tomorrow. Maybe if I start saving up now I can go next year.

For some summer schools in the UK check out the following links(the schools are not really cheaper, but the transport to there most likely is):

Newcastle University

University of Cambridge

University of Sussex

Or if you want to improve your Japanese language skills I found this school: http://www.genkijacs.com/groups.htm

And another option for our summer is a ten day surfing camp organized by our school. This is 399 euro and no studying has to be done. Hmm...so many options, what to choose?


  1. How will you distinguish yourself from the crowd when it is time to get a job? As someone who used to wade through CVs when trying to get an employee, I can tell you that a neatly typed CV is not enough. You will need those 'extras' - such as a summer school in Seoul, to separate you from the maddening masses. And sometimes we need to invest in our futures - think of the guy from the Pursuit of Happyness film (not Will Smith but the real person the story was based on.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQlzz6jGCfI
    You got a dream? Go get it!

  2. I haven't thought about it that way, but that's a great argument to go :D. After the information received today I figured out a few statements in this post were incorrect. The fee including dormitory fee is 990 euro,because HES is a partner institution of the school. This is still excluding the plainticket. And the program is not 5 weeks, but 4 weeks:).

  3. I don’t know if it’s greed but… I still find it pretty expensive for 4 shabby weeks of summer school. Of course, it’s Korea, but I’m doubting if four weeks is enough to gain some serious experience… The first week (or second perhaps), you’re most likely trying to find your way around the area, the following weeks you’ll get used to the school, people & culture…
    Don’t get me wrong, these summer schools to Asia are wonderful, but I believe that with our school systems and political relationships with Korea, this should be either cheaper or last longer….But that's me..