February 14, 2011

Students' Hidden Talents

We, teachers, know our students mostly from how they do in class, how well they write their assignments and how high they score on their exams. What we DO NOT know is that some of them have hidden talents, big talents, that should be highlighted, talked about, shown to the Hogeschool of Amsterdam, staff, students and also to general public. Those students make HvA proud!
Once I was on facebook, and I came across a few song recordings of my 1st year IBL student aka Dimanyte. I listened to some of his tracks and absolutely loved it. Ok, you have to like hip hop and rap to love it too and I realize that not all generations might appreciate this art, but both students and teachers should get a chance to hear it. It is impressive!

A few days later I was on facebook again and I found a video of another student of mine, this time a 2nd year student, who made this awesome video of doing card tricks. I was  astonished!
And he sings too! Can you believe how talented our students are?

These are just two examples, but I can bet money that there are a lot more within the walls of HvA that we do not have a clue about. We should definitely do something with this talent. Spread it, show it, give it a chance to be exposed to the passionate supportive audience that classmates, teachers and friends can be. So how about HvA Got Talent Concert sometime this year?

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  1. Very impressive! I feel humbled. Very often I feel grateful to have a part in these students' lives, hoping to contribute if only a little to the wonderful futures they will make for themselves and the exciting times they are already living in and enjoying!