March 12, 2011

Away from home 2011-03-11

While many Japanese people still are concerned the building of the nation can start as we speak.
The damage is great, and people still worry because of aftershock in Nagano. My support to all the Japanese students and teachers on HES I am one myself student wise so I share the feeling of being powerless. The good news is many of the people I came in contact with are safe and sound. When I woke up to go school yesterday I turned on the TV and saw the news didn't knowing that it was so bad so i said to my girlfriend who also is Japanese ''be sure to call your parents'' ( Me thinking it was a small earthquake like we normally are prepared for). But when arriving to school my classmates begin to look frightened telling me it was a big one, the biggest ever in Japan I got scared more to be honest. So I went home as soon as possible. Luckily everyone I know is safe including my own family in Osaka and Matsumoto. The caring from students in TMA classes is rather big. I was kind of surprised feeling like a tsunami made me homeless or something (luckily it did not) what is happing to the world it feels mother earth is a house mom saying ''enough you darn kids how many times did I told you war is useless'' indeed what is it good for ''rolling my eyes big sigh''.
(War - what is it good for? It really grinds my gears but also gives me motivation to study harder and contribute more to this world starting with one and won't end thus continue to involve more individuals called a group. Lets all contribute =3 Matta yo~


  1. I want to say that what's happened in Japan is shocking and sad. I send best wishes to all Japanese people in Japan and worldwide. I imagine that when you're away from your home country, then a disaster like this seems so hard to cope with - how can you go on with everyday things when your fellow countrymen are struggling to save lives, get rid of the water, etc...
    Today in the supermarket I saw some people who I thought were Japanese and I wanted to say "I'm sorry about what has happened." So, let me say it here... and send prayers and hope...

  2. Indeed shocking I was surprised myself but the only thing we can do is hope for good luck, And show we live with the people who lost what they had. Every person who cares, all help and caring are welcome.

  3. It’s weird, waking up in the morning, turning on the TV and as I’m eating my bowl of cereal, it is as if I’m watching an action packed movie with insane special effects… To bad this isn’t a movie and people actually had to experience such a tragedy. I’m very pleased to hear that more than 50 countries offered their help in less than 24 hours…There’s love in this world after all!