March 4, 2011


OK so I was walking in school today and thought'' how many students really know how to do business on their own?'' One thing a person should never do is judge or thinks less of another person if the qualities of the person are not known yet. Business is so much more than just making money, for me it is a talent I posses like for example some people are good with numbers like a classmate of mine. I can do business more easy. The talent was always in me like some secrete power a wizard gave me on an epic quest to find a princess. With the study any business study the target is mostly to make money and be rich in the end, but do people now how fun it actually is? How many people you come in contact with, and how fun it is to see a big machine active and you’re responsible for it? Well i can say it is just the best feeling in the world for me. We fall, we learn, we run and we conquer. When doing a study at HES not only try to get your study points like your only goal, but some good advice from a person who does it every day for real. Try what you learn in school to practice it in real life with real people and a small amount of money. Then the experience can boost a lot and it could also affect your grades. Another idea is open a discussion group with classmates or other people to share your experiences and certain subjects. The point of discussion is not always to win, but make you stand better with the information you get from your opponent. So even for the people who think ''I am not manager material'' or even think in that direction, talent you have but experience you gain.


  1. At the HvA International Business School aka HES there are many teachers with experience in the private sector. An all-important message they will shared with you certainly is, that listening to the customer's need is key. It is not selling products to people where doing business is all about. No, doing business is solving a problem for a customer. If you do that well, the customer may be loyal for the rest of his/ her life. It rewquires active listening and empathy. Yes, a good business person is almost like a therapist!

  2. I also agree with Kenjiro regarding discussion groups - oh yes, we have those - they are called Personal Development classes! If your mentor is not allowing your space there to discuss these issues - ask for it! That's one of the reasons we put together the PD workshops - to enable students to get together and talk about what works, what doesn't - and to support each other!

  3. The good thing about these PD workshops is we get to see another side of for those who never have seen it nor experienced it in the office they a get a little of nibble of that delicious cake