March 1, 2011

ChipBuddy and the Utrecht Market

We started this year with the study Trade Management Asia at the HES in Amsterdam. In the beginning of this school year we had to set up a company. Of course we were all excited, because a company is serious business!
We started in September with a group of 17 students and we decided to produce a public tranport card holder to protect your public transport card! We contacted a company in China to ask if they could produce our product, which we designed outselves. Of course it was possible! Now we are running the business for about six months and it is going great!

Except for one market fair we had a few weeks ago. Our YEN (Young Enterprise) team decided to go to 'The Utrechtse Bazaar' in Vleuten. We had to wake up at 6 a.m., (on a Sunday!) because the market fair started at half past 8. It was terrible. We stood there for about 8 hours and guess what... we only sold 1 piece! It was mainly becuase the pople who usually go to the Bazaar almost never travel by public transport - or else they thought our product was too expensive (it's NOT!) But never mind, we were there with 5 students to sell our product, so it was very nice and it was an experience from which we learned a lot!
Now we are planning to sell at the school market fair in March and the Young Enterprise fair in Utrecht. 
We hope you'll come to our website and check out our ChipBuddy - peek inside for a cool surprise!

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