March 9, 2011

Digitalizing schoolbooks

It’s week five of the second semester and I’m pretty shocked to see that a lot of people still don’t have their books. I had all my books in the first week of the semester. This is probably because my parents pay for my school and my books, but for many other students this is not the case.

Yes, my mother complained that the books were expensive and I agree, but to hear from a classmate that he had to pick between food and books was a little shocking. I suddenly felt extremely spoiled.

So let’s face it, for some students that live on their own, that pay their own school tuition, the books are too expensive. And this could be easily solved by school allowing us to have the books in PDF format for free and bringing our laptops to school. But in about 90% of the classes laptops are not allowed, this probably because of the distraction factor it has on the students. However with modern technology a mobile phone is just as much distraction as a laptop is and they are often used in class.

And in most classes it’s not even necessary to bring your book, sometimes it’s just for the assignments which the teacher could have just as easily put in a power point or written on the whiteboard.

You could say that we students should just keep living at home, but for many students in Amsterdam there isn’t even an option to keep living at home since the cities where their parents reside isn’t really around the corner.

So between keep living at home and digitalizing books, digitalizing books is most definitely a better option. So why make our wallets suffer when this can be prevented with modern technology?

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  1. If books were free, all publisher's would be bankrupt. Laptops are definitely a distraction and so are the phones, as you say, which is why I do not allow either in my classes. It has not been that long since I was a student, and I had the same issue, but there are ways around it. You do not have to buy every single book. You can share one book, or buy one book and make copies which still is cheaper than a new book, or buy used book or use an older edition of the book available at the library. It is more work, but that is a trade off...