March 25, 2011

freaky friday

Ok so here is the story! Today I had a dream (not like martin Luther king) but a strange one involving my class mates which left me feeling like Frankenstein for a while. So after that I woke up got ready for school sun was shining and all it was good what can I say. We had sports today with another HES class which almost begin with a small war. Because of dodge ball, somebody almost got a sucker punched (luckily he ducked before the person could hit him with all the force that was in that puny arm). Then again it was something I thought I wouldn't see and had left behind at High school or MBO. }
After sports we went to Japanese which also ended not as I thought. Personally I don't go to many Japanese classes these days because most of it I already get and I just study it on my own or do other courses (I know bad huh? I’ll start after the exams again.) But also that teacher was not happy today when the class almost ended because of people talking too much then again its life.  I hope she is ok and not mad at us. Would make Kenji feel sad =(.

Looking on the other dusty bookshelf this week was the market fair and to be honest I can say it was fun for me I looked at how people were contributing and performing to get sales ( kinda cute) and students should be proud who made it this far now in the course little cute entrepreneurs they are. Also want to thank the teachers and students who bought from us all the support we had was good especially the best English teacher I ever had you who i am talking about ~wink~. Now next week exams let’s do it good luck to all may you all pass ikimashou ka?


  1. Very anonymous English teacher finds it quite flattering to think that at least one student thinks she might be the best English teacher... while the critical thinker in her wonders - what is this criteria of 'best' based on? Did I grade the tests too easily? Or was I indeed interesting enough as a lecturer to make the students interested in the subject. What I can say is that the class that the student above was in - was one of my best classes to teach! Very motivated students who cooperated well and came to class ready to work! Thank you!

  2. Or perhaps as the song goes "[I'm] so vain, [I] probably think this song is about [me]..." - and it could very well be that they are refering to a totally different teacher in which case I am sooooo embarrassed!

  3. my goodness I think I should be the one shy many people can say they learned a lot during your classes and I had me some spicy English teachers in the past, best classes I had were your classes just comfy to be honest haha and a good teacher indeed so the compliment is well deserved =3