March 6, 2011

Genocides, Revolutions, War, Propaganda & Ass-kissing, all for black gold.

What do Z.E.A. Ben Ali (Tunisia), M. Hosni Said Mubarak (Egypt) and M.M. al-Kadhafi (Libya) have in common? Revolt. The citizens of these countries turned against their so-called beloved leaders; “Generation” Y are finally doing what their parents should’ve done years ago... Nonetheless, the world is holding its breath, watching from above how al-Kadhafi is murdering his own people by the dozen.

So far, the U.N. estimates more than 1,000 civilians dead due to the violence in Libya, one thousand killed.... by their own government... for protesting against their leader and political system…

Because of the “intense brutality” and “violation of human rights”, we (the EU), and the US are openly (but secretly) discussing the possibilities of interfering and –I’m just going to call it invading-, Libya.

Some people believe that we (the international community) have the obligation to interfere and restore order. So far we know that U.S.A’s minister of foreign affairs Hillary Clinton is ready to take action if things continue… And I quote:

Nothing is off the table so long as the Libyan Government continues to threaten and kill Libyans”

Don’t you just find it hilarious how a human’s life becomes more valuable when oil prices rise to an all-time record? It’s sad and distasteful knowing the world watched how millions were killing during the genocides in other parts of Africa, but when Africa’s largest producer of crude oil has political problems which influence the world market, we send our battleships to fix the issue. Easy… and effective…

I am in no position to say what the Dutch should do but I suggest we evacuate every foreigner from Libya, at any cost.

Radical, out-of-order and against international laws, but due to the current situation, I believe we’re forced to secure first and resolve later.

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