March 1, 2011

Holidays: Relax or Prepare Yourself for its Finish?

We all are busy, actually it is surprising how often I overhear a conversation in public transport about how busy someone is, whether the question is about school, job, or life in general. I like to be busy too, but lately I began to realize that there is not simply enough time for me to manage everything in one day that I would like to manage: to balance working, being a parent, wife, friend and also just me. Some things take up more time than anticipated and at the end of the day I sit exhausted wanting to sleep and yet wishing that I would have just an extra hour or two to finish a few things off and do something fun after that. It is difficult…

We rush every day, with no time to eat, to relax and let’s be honest, not enough time to sleep. Back in the day I used to last for weeks sleep-deprived juggling studying, part-time job and partying 4 days a week till my immune system would shut down and I would catch a cold and then finally relax, stay home, snooze for hours and hours till my body recovered. I am older now and certainly do not have this habit anymore, nor can I physically survive such a lifestyle. Yet sometimes I do feel like I go on for weeks and weeks rushing from one thing to the next, and thinking about the next lesson to prepare as soon as one finished. I realize that things pile up if we decide not to think about anything for a week of holiday, but I chose to set my mind free for the early spring break that we just had and went to the US.

I loved Las Vegas and California, and it was unbelievably good to sleep without alarm, go to the gym, spa, shopping, movies and clubs and not check my work email or do anything for work for that one week.


However, once I got back to rainy and cold Amsterdam, just like bad weather all the piled up work poured on me and I do not even know if it was smart to switch off my mind from everything that I normally worry about. Change such as relaxation after going on for weeks super busy is necessary, it keeps us going, gives us a breather, but the other side of the coin is that once it is over, we do not feel like going back to reality and reality comes with many things to do.

I have not decided yet whether I will change my approach to holidays next time around (in May that is), but I definitely will consider balancing out relaxation and taking care of a thing or two to cross it off my to do list once the holiday is over.


  1. Funny, i feel the same after a week away in Israel - although i was busy there too - but visiting friends, family, driving in traffic, etc. Eating great food... And now that i'm back into the routine - i have a pile of emails - some (cough, cough) still unread, letters, forms, tax papers, bills - all waiting quite impatiently for me to catch up within a day or two. This morning when the alarm went off I literally could not move. I know I have to go into school to teach today but a part of me wishes I could just SLEEP til noon and then gently and slowly start to catch up with everything.

  2. You know, I was thinking I'm so busy lately as wellxD. But I really don't like being too busy. On the other hand having nothing to do isn't nice either.