March 23, 2011

Market fair review/ Confessions of a shopaholic

So today at the market fair things went pretty well. But I noticed that a lot of February students just come to see how we do it as an example for themselves rather than buying anything. Or you have the teachers that lead other groups and their students that come to check out the competition and hardly any people actually come to buy.

In total we sold ten of our umbrellas today and gave a lot of people or number to contact us later. I wonder if we will hear from them. The promotional movie actually didn’t turn out as well as I expected, but we showed it anyway!

I did actually bought some products from the other group, that brings me to my other topic, my shopping addiction. Somehow I can’t ignore the little voice in my head telling me to buy. Although today was more about kindness than the little voice, I can give several examples of things that are just ridicules like buying out of boredom while waiting.

As I was saving up for Korea just a few weeks ago, it killed me not being able to spend anything at all. I came to the point that I wanted to buy something just for the sake of buying, even if it was just a bottle of nail polish or something else stupid that I don’t actually need.

Even going through the torture of not spending, I only saved up 170 euro in the beginning of March, realizing that is probably would be 170 every month extra, I decided to give up on Korea this year and started saving up for next year in a slightly less aggressive way than not spending at all. This way I buy what I want and won’t feel the need to buy useless stuff (I hope).

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