March 30, 2011

New blogger on board and how I won a contest

My name is Eoghan Bourke, a second year student at the HES and I have recently joined studyleaks. In my spare time I enjoy performing card magic and making music. A few weeks ago, Maryna Rusthoven posted a blog about talent within the school, and also mentioned me in it. Since then she has asked me to write about one of my artistic highlights. So here is a little story of something that happened a few weeks ago... But before I do that, I have to go back to the beginning.

It all began eight years ago, in my first year of secondary school, when I entered the school's talent competition, called the ''Freaken Festival.'' This competition had been going on for longer than 20 years and has produced some real talent, such as singers and comedians. Rapper Jerome XL even went on to make albums in America, after having entered this contest.
Every year a panel of celebrity judges, which have included politicians, Ajax footballers and several scouts, decide which acts were the most impressive. As I mentioned, eight years ago I entered this show with my friends and performed a funny act where we dressed up as girls and imitated the most popular teachers. this was very popular and we even won a little prize for having the funniest act, but every act's dream is to get into the top 3.
I entered the contest another three more years after that, but never won anything else. Nearly two years have passed since I have left that school, and I had almost forgotten about the Freaken Festival until a friend of mine brought it up. At the time I was in the studio, recording a new rap song with some friends. We decided to go to the auditions and perform a a few songs to see if we stood a chance of entering. We did our original song ''Never Giving Up'' and a remix of the Spice Girls' ''Wannabe.'' Unexpectadly, the producers loved the act and let us through unanimously. At this point, the show was only a week away.
On the night of the competition, we were told that more than 600 tickets had been purchased, so we were to expect a large crowd. It was already known that our act would be the second last performance, so we had plenty of time to prepare for our moment. Many bands performed and there were plenty of very decent singers. It was almost midnight when we were introduced and permitted to perform.
As soon as we came on stage, the room was electrified. We started dancing and rapping so energetically that eventually everybody stood up and started dancing with us. By the time we ended our second song ''Never Giving Up'' about 50 people (girls mainly) randomly came on stage to be our improv back up dancers. This had never been seen before at the Freaken Festival. By the time we were finished with our act, even the judges gave us a standing ovation. After a brief discussion by the judges, their minds were made up as to which acts deserved which prize.
This was an incredibly nerve wrecking moment, as all acts were watching this process unfold from a large screen backstage. The third prize was handed out to a funny variety act, the second prize went to a band which had a yodeler as their lead singer and then it was time for the first prize. When I heard the name of our very own act being called out I was shocked but full of adrenaline at the same time. Screaming, we ran on stage to collect our prize and as the tradition goes, the winners get to perform their act one more time. Therefore, the madness continued, only minutes after we had just finished our act.
Since that night, we have made frontpage news of the local paper and a DVD of the night will be coming out soon. So, it's funny that it took eight years for me to come back and finally win that first place, but as one of our songs goes: I'm never giving up!     Here you can watch a 30 second snippet of that night's performance:

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