March 2, 2011

Setting goals

Today with Personal Development class we were discussing the goals from last semester and I couldn’t remember them! I feel really bad about forgetting them>.<.

I also had to write three new goals for this semester:

1.passing all the classes for this semester in one go!

Why? In my previous blog I mentioned the option of going to the summer school in South Korea. To have this option I must pass my classes since the summer school is in the middle of the re-sit period.

How to achieve this? This brings me to my next goal

2.Doing my homework

Why? How much of the homework we get do we actually do? And why do you think our teachers give us homework? To make us learn the subject in the best possible way!

How to achieve this? It’s a discipline issue. I hope having South Korea as a goal will help me motivate myself to do my homework on a regular basis.

3.Putting school before everything

Why? My friends keep asking me to go to the movie etc, when I actually am supposed to do things for school.

How to achieve this? By simply saying no when being asked, which is harder than it seems...

Let’s hope I remember my goals this time and achieve them too :)!

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