March 13, 2011

Social Media, unconsciously improving our lives!

Okay, so apart from watching funny youtube videos, posting comments, leaving messages on each others facebook and socializing with your friends/family/colleagues, what else is possible with today’s social media and how may it improve your life?

-Youtube, what you may not see:

I admit, Youtube is one of today’s most ingenious websites… Apart from all the ridiculous (though funny) video’s, Youtube has its informative and unintended ethical purposes.

Lets say you’re interested in the new iPhone 4 and wish to obtain more information before buying it, there are two options, either look on the Apple website or search for videos on Youtube from people who bought it.

Unboxing the iPhone

( )

Unboxing a Philips Senseo

( )

Unboxing Nintendo 3ds

( )

Another advantage is that people can upload everything there is to see on this world, especially things some countries (governments) do not want you to see. For instance:

-Twitter, what you may not read:

Twitter is both funny and informative to have (even though I don’t use it, yet)

You may share random pictures and messages with friends, but also provide a lot of information when the mainstream media fails to do so. I discovered Twitter the day Utrecht Central had an electricity fallout with a radius of approximately 10-15 kilometres. I was at a friend’s house when suddenly everything turned black… within 5 minutes I knew (through twitters) that downtown Utrecht, Utrecht Central Station and the whole neighbourhood was out of power.

People seem to instantly share information about unusual events, use it in your advantage!

-Hyves/Facebook, what you may not find:

More and more companies use Hyves and Facebook nowadays, for multiple reasons! One of ‘m is: whenever you apply for a job, you may count on it that the company will Google-, Facebook- and Hyves-search you, hoping to get to know your ‘personal life’ and therefore determine whether you fit into their company or not. Second reason for companies (mostly job agencies) to be active on these websites is, recruiting new employees. I myself discovered this helpful method when I worked for a job agency in Zwolle. Knowing that students are very active on these websites, they’ll find a way to your page eventually (with or without promotions).

Soooo, keep in mind, your friends are not the only ones watching!

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