March 23, 2011

Student companies and Market fairs

Saturday the 19th of March, Utrecht’s shopping centre ‘Hoog Catharijne’ transferred into a playground for student companies! From 10AM till 4PM, 87 student companies from across the country came together to compete with each other and sell their products and name to the public.

Of course my student company had to join this vicious battle as well!!!. Together with my colleagues Joël, Imran, Akira, Siuly, Yoran, Jordi and birthday-girl Esther(20) we represented the CreativStorage stand by promoting and selling our creative USB sticks.

Sadly, we didn’t sell as many as we hoped but on the other hand, while walking around the warzone, Akira and I made quite some talks with fellow young entrepreneurs, not just introducing ourselves but to ask questions regarding their company and the ups and downs they’ve came across.

The sales, sharing experiences, tips and tricks people gave each other made it a wonderful day for young businessmen and women to learn from each other.

Next stop: Wednesday’s market fair in the HES! Best of luck to everyone!

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