April 13, 2011

The charity event for Japan

Today there is a charity event to collect money for Japan with several Dutch artist as well as some Japanese artists and also a soccer match between a Japanese Team and a Dutch team.
At first I was not planning on going until my mentor and my classmates talked me into it. The tickets are only 5 euro and we would be helping a charity, besides that it would be fun to go and therefore I'm going.
It's not that I like Dutch artists or know the Japanese performer, but it really doesn't matter who performs, it's the thought behind the event that counts and of course who you are going with. If you go with fun people you will have a fun time.I hope they still have tickets when I go there though, since I didn't buy them before!
Some people from my Japanese class are also putting together a smaller event together with someone Japanese exchange students and I'm not sure what they are doing, but once I know I will be sure to inform you!

For more information about the event of tonight click here

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