April 30, 2011

Home sweet home

Well since I got a request to write about my short trip to Japan I might as well do it =D. I left on a Friday and came back on a Monday. I can say it was stranger than ever in my experiences going there on a short time. However, when arriving at the airport traces of fair still remained. I had some private family problems so I had no choice but to go, but even when going home I saw the people of Osaka being like their usual selves friendly, laughing and doing the silly stuff they always do. That's home for me even though, there still is a crises in the nation, Japanese people still fight and support each other. Many times on TV I heard ganbarre Nippon (keep it up Japan). A lot of support is being asked and donations for the people from Fukushima. Even we Osaka people support much, many stores give a big part of their supplies to those who need it. So that children can still go to school with something to eat, even though it is some anpan and a little box of juice. But I can say Japan is a strong country and from what I saw it is going better now. Although in Tokyo fear still has grip on the people’s minds. Most of the stores were sold out and everyday still a small earthquake can be felt. On the news they said its better to have a lot of small quacks then none at all, because it could be big one and that is what most people fear now. In a way I can't wait to go back in the summer, even if it is freaking hot. Japan will stay Japan for now, but I just want to look positive at the situation.

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