April 27, 2011

IBL day 2011

A few weeks ago I highlighted the International Financial Management day at HvA/University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam. Well this time my blog is about the IBL (International Business & Languages Day). IBL day 2011 took place on April 20th and it was a full day event and it was fantastic!

The day started off with several lectures of very interesting guest speakers from the Future Firm, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger.

 In the afternoon had a chance to play soccer, table-tennis, squash or dance zumba or beach volleyball. I chose soccer and am so glad that I did as it was a lot of fun to play soccer with the students. There were quite some girls who joined the league and were very good. My team of some students of 2IBL1 came in 2nd and I was very proud despite the hurt ankle.

Having sweated off some calories, we were ready to have some dinner and everyone gathered at the Werck restaurant in the centre of Amsterdam. The location as well as the dinner were amazing. The weather was great and we enjoyed sitting outside, having dinner, chatting and having some drinks. Most importantly talking to students about other topics than our lectures and our subjects.

Then there was a salsa workshop given by four IBL students which taught us some nice latino moves and although some people were shy, there were quite some dancers on the floor.

It was a long but very fun day. Needless to say the next day my whole body was hurting from the exciting soccer matches and salsa, but I do not regret for a single second that I played and participated. It was yet another fun day when students and teachers did some fun activities together and I wish we had more events like those. For now I have to patiently wait till the next IFM and IBL day and hope that students enjoyed it too!

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