April 9, 2011

Spring time!

It really has been crazy lately exams, nature acting up but can't complain about the weather though. There are ideas hanging around about a charity event to show support to Japan and Japanese students, -Teachers on the HES I don't exactly when but I’ll keep it posted when I get more information. In other related news yes I am in a studio and YES I have wig and yes I am presenting the news from a desk wearing no pajamas at all with a smirk on my face saying and other related news. Long sentence I know but for real it's almost summer and most people are ready to enjoy I can see even in Amsterdam it was hot someone lit himself on fire on Wednesday I don't know why, but he died from his injuries me he R.I.P for any reason he had it’s still a sou. Next to that Strange thing was most of students were not even far away from it 20 minutes removed from there. After all Amsterdam the place where stories and legends are born I say. http://www.nu.nl/binnenland/2486347/man-zichzelf-in-brand-stak-overleden.html but to be honest the sickest thing this was that 12 year old girl story, my stomach just turned when I saw it on the news.
This country really surprises me every time nor do I think it will ever change. In the summer I will be in Japan and continue to blog from over there if there are any requests on items or places you want to say just say it on the blog and I will try get it on the blog even though the country still is for mostly in shock I need to go back anyway for my family and girlfriend so nothing will stop me anyway. After all we all get homesick don't we? Every Friday ill post like now and maybe even more it depends. Furthermore don't you there change the channel~ They were elections for students from the school a good classmate of mine explained it a little to me how the school wanted to let the last grade count as final, I don't know about other students but I am so not agreeing on that so I voted on some girl who was against it. I hope we don't see the school go down under because it surly is a good school with many great teachers I can say~. (Ps I really should report news making it more fun)

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