April 12, 2011

IFM day 2011

This semester I have been pretty lucky and that is because I also get to teach the IFM students of 1st and 2nd year (International Financial Management is one of the English study programmes offered by the International Business School at Hogeschool van Amsterdam). For the same reason I was invited to attend the IFM day. It is a day when students and teachers get together, play sports, have some guest lecturers and work shops, interact, chat, have dinner together and get to know each other outside the classrooms.

It was my first time and even though I was looking forward to it, I could not have possibly imagined how much fun it would be. And it looks like I was not the only one. The programme manager, Mrs. Wil Hazelhoff, wrote to the students: “I was really happy after IFM-day, I had the feeling that you were happy too and that you learned something and that you have had a lot of fun! A 2nd year IFM student commented: “It (IFM day) was cool! every part of it actually, I enjoyed it a lot!”

The IFM day started off with an opening speech by the programme manager, Mrs. Hazelhoff, followed by a guest lecture by one of the IFM alumni, Christo Thekkel, on networking for international success.

Then one had the choice to play squash, table tennis or soccer and I have to say all sports were popular.

After a short break it was time for a zumba workshop and everyone joined in. Of course boys were somewhat shy and stayed in the back rows while lecturers and even the programme manager joined in the energizing workout.

 “It was a way to relax a little from the intensive football matches and of course, watch the teachers doing zumba was the best part!”, said the 2nd year IFM student.

The last workshop of the day was meeting the IFM alumni and asking them questions about relevance of the IFM study and how the former students are doing now. A 1st year IFM student, Julian Lozano said: “It was really nice and useful, the networking is indeed important and seeing former students who are now professionals gives you more enthusiasm and energy to keep going with the study!”

For dinner that day was pasta with tiramisu for dessert and a chance to have a drink or two with students, alumni and lecturers.  It was a great day, definitely worth coming to, so those who did not come, you missed out on lots of fun! Thus, join in next year!

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