April 22, 2011

Why I don't write

I suddenly realized that this is about the fourth Thursday I have missed my blog deadline. And for me - the founder of the blog - the one who usually pushes the others to write, to keep going - this is really unacceptable.
And while no one has written in to ask - hey what's up - I think I need to 'fess up'. The thing is this - even teachers have private lives. And families. And sometimes life throws us some things that we don't really know how to handle - like sickness in the family. And we try to pretend that everything's alright but actually it's not. Because suddenly all of my priorities are different. Now it's my highest priority to keep in nearly daily touch with the ones I love, the family I have who live overseas. It's funny, but sometimes bad things can be the catalyst for good things to happen. Many years ago, when my first son, Yarden, was sick with cancer, I discovered that. Yarden's illness, although I wouldn't wish it on anyone, took me on a journey which enabled me to look deeper into life, spirituality, relationships, and all in all made me a better person.
And by the way, happy Earth Day!
And now I look at this new situation in which I find myself - where a family member abroad is ill - and I find that this is making me crave the contact which for years I felt I 'didn't need'. Not that I didn't want more contact, but I had gotten used to being a very independent person - one who doesn't 'need' to speak to her  family very often. I had my life, they had theirs. I loved them, but the distance was very clear.
Now find myself in another phase - I want to be close to all the members of my family. I want to hold them, to wish them well, to see their faces. Thank goodness for Skype, because otherwise I'd have to give up my apartment so I could pay for weekly airfare!

So, that's what's been keeping me busy - I hope my readers forgive me...


  1. Life is unpredictable and there’s no ‘normal’ way of handling certain situations. Ups & Downs, Highs & Lows are everyday things we need work with. I don't know what we honor on Earth Day (the planet of course) but, I'll be gentle with the water and electricity for today ˆˆ

  2. thanks Noel, that's very kind... indeed when life throws us lemons, the best we can do is make lemonade... (who said that?)... what is normal? enjoying every bit of spring as long as it lasts!

  3. I can agree on the topic with you, I too had my share of family problems just came back from Japan and boy did my world change but like you said in a way make some fruit juice with own garden's fruits. I still have to post some more on the blog so busy and stressful these days but I’ll make it up too.

  4. Kenjiro! Please write about your experiences in Japan!!!

  5. good idea:O hahah I think by Friday its story telling time again with uncle kenji

  6. You are completely right, some things in life are so precious and we sometimes get upset about little things that do not matter. You are a very strong person and please do not worry about the blog, we will keep it going. Hugs to you!
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