May 2, 2011

Saaay waaaa!!??

Well shave my buttocks and call me a baboon Osama bin Laden has been :O killed. Now this is some world news the whole world seems happy about this today, because the manhunt is over after all these years for America. Even though this is kind of sudden on all major news programs in a way I think many people in the middle-east can catch a new breeze of fresh air at least that's what we are hoping for. Because someone new always will rise from the ashes the deceased one left behind. Americas special forces sure are a strong Cupcake to consume, I rather not have them in front my doorstep, but many people say they did a great job and Obama is being seen as the hero here for distinguishing a great force of evil. But on the other side Obama I have to be honest I am not really an American supporter but in my honest heart he sure is the best president that country ever had and he is black YEAH I SAID IT!!! he black!! since people always chose just a normal white male for president America has been most of the time been spotted on stage in a bad spot light ( not counting Bill Clinton because he injected laughing gas in that country making it more lively). Since Obama has been on stage he had humor (Showed Donald trump Obama had the last TRUMP card in yo face TRUMP. Who doubted the president for being not a real American and requested his birth certified being shown to public. Also Obama can make jokes about him seeing a human side as well as serious. A lesson can be learned from this never judge all people because one might CHANGE it all. Furthermore now let’s see what will happen next my goodness what is this world becoming too. Having said that, let’s keep strong and going to the future

(let’s just hope it doesn't get worse).

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