May 17, 2011

Stressed? YES!

Dear Blog readers! Thanks for joining me for a very short blog today (should be tweeted as we are all short of time), and yet, in a tweet I can't quite say all that I need to say....

Are you feeling stressed at all? It's the end of the school year for us at the HES - exam period for you - lots of admin for us teachers, keeping everyone's grades fair - transparent - explainable... It's hard on all of us - although I'm sure for the students it feels much harder right now. And if it doesn't - well... they probably aren't reading this blog then! :)

I promised to be quick - or as they say - 'quick and dirty' - so here's the dirt:
When you are stressed - plan some 'fun time'!

Do you notice how people with cancer sometimes find the time to do the things they never allowed themselves to do because they were 'too busy'? Sometimes we healthy people also need to re-prioritize our lives. Every day it's important to realize that we are lucky to be alive, and to balance the 'needs' vs. the 'wants'. This goes for exam period too. Very often students tell me they spend hours and hours in the library (sorry - mediatheek) and yet, can't concentrate. That's because our left brains need a rest every 90 minutes. Study - REST - and when I say rest - i mean do something FUN. Also, the prize doing something FUN will help motivate you to finish the work/study you 'have' to do.

So, for example, this morning I got up and blah - sink full of dishes - so I did them, but motivated myself with a prize - doing ZUMBA after the dishes. And just now, I scheduled in a half hour of Dutch homework (ja, ja, Ik moet ook mij huiswerk maken!), and surprisingly I spent 50 minutes on it - but then as a prize, I got to have fun writing my blog - and also - had a chat with a very good friend of mine for 10 minutes. (Two fun things - I know - i'm really going overboard - by the way, this is my 'day off' from school...).

The idea is simple: Work, PLAY, Work, PLAY

I don't promise you won't be stressed, but you will definitely get more done in the framework of 'oh my gosh, i only have one hour to study, so i better focus and not watch any more YouTube videos...'...

Um, sorry that it wasn't short but it really only took me 10 minutes to write and now I will get back to my work - reading and answering school mail!

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  1. hahahaha Zumba after the dishes; you go woman!