July 10, 2011

Tech Failure

This will be another vent about how much more frustrations we now have with the use of more and more electronic devices. Even though they are innovative and are supposed to work well and make our life easier, they still break down, ask us to format the disk or fail to connect to the internet and then I end up wasting my whole evening on trying to fix the problem, reading  a million forums hoping to find THE solution to my technical difficulties…

I always think that by trial and error I will somehow fix the problem. I am someone who does not give up easily and I am able to go on for hours but after countless desperate attempts of connecting my laptop to the internet or trying to open the external hard drive to watch another episode of Breaking Bad, that me and my husband are currently hooked on, I give up.

I give up and think about how annoyed technology makes me feel and how upset I can be. Our parents and grandparents did not have this annoyance at all: books or newspapers would not ask to be formatted or not allow you to access the novel out of the blue.

I try to think positive and come up with more useful things to do during my evening than watch that TV show or try to fix the problem which might be unfixable. However, one can compare it to craving a nut & raisin chocolate and instead being offered a ginger cookie!

Luckily, I have my brother in law who knows a thing or two about computers, so hopefully he can help me solve my techno mysteries when he visit next time, but for now, it is time to stream the next episode of Breaking Bad…with that raisin & nut chocolate and husband by my side, and strangely enough I do not feel as annoyed any more.

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