August 15, 2011

Caring and Preparing

Back from holidays which were busy busy and far too warm (I recommend spring or fall to visit Israel)... and now thinking about school - and the blog - and who will be writing with us this year?
I'd love some of my students from last year to keep writing - or maybe we'll get some fresh blood... and how's it going with our guy in Melbourne?

As for me, I'm still busy with laundry from my 3 weeks away, and at the same time, trying to get back into preparations for the coming school year... Intro day is already next week! Then a week and a half later - first lessons! Exciting! And daunting at the same time. I saw the movie Larry Crowne - with Julia Roberts as a teacher who is both tough and challenging and a bit despairing - She begins each new class by writing "Care" on the blackboard. "I'm going to teach you how to care..." she says.

Because when you care about what you are doing - you put your heart into it - then you will do it well. Sometimes my students don't care - or they want to care, but the lessons aren't challenging enough or there are other things on their minds. Sometimes I have a bad day and although I've never come in with dark glasses like Julia did in her classroom - I'm not always on top of my much as I'd like to be. But the overall intention is there. And my intention now is to be prepared - well prepared - for the upcoming semester.
Because - as I taught in my Improvisation workshop last year - preparation is already 99% of the work... Once you are well prepared - it's easy to improvise :)
So - is there anyone who cares prepared to join our blog this coming school year? Send me an email at:


  1. Well I can say I shall be joining this blogg again less then before but still joining and one of your classes because I need to retake something but I am still on vacation and will be back 31 of August grr school already started I know but not much classes for me anyway oh lordy happy me

  2. Doing great! sorry for my late post but was very busy with doing a lot of fun stuff down here! Just posted a blog so hope you enjoy it!