September 28, 2011

Late for school but possible to arrange it.

I would like to share some of my experiences lately being late to school. Being away from school for a month can create a big problem. Some of you might think why I was late for school, I was late for this semester from school because my mom was sick and me as only mature son of the family have to go out of the Netherlands. Recently I am back school and everything going back to normal situation. It was and still challenging to join all classes, groups, deliver assignments on time etc.. but anyhow I remember and old Dari saying; ‘’ no one can reach the gold, unless working hard’’ I hope I can make it.

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  1. Aziz, welcome to the blog! and indeed I think this is something a lot of people encounter - personal life getting in the way of our careers... how do we manage that transition back and forth from worries at home to getting on with our goals and targets? I too have had to deal with a sick mom in another country - and needing to go back and forth. It really isn't easy...