September 22, 2011


Ever since the new school year started a few weeks ago, I am still to get used to the new rhythm of teaching again, picking up my 4 year old from elementary school at 3 pm and juggling all other responsibilities and tasks as a lecturer, mentor, wife, mother, daughter and a friend. I like being busy, it makes me feel alive, but lately I also try to make sure that I can relax and not have to sprint around the building and have that long overdue cup of coffee with a colleague or simply bike to work without rushing and sweating, enjoying the occasional dry morning out of all the rainy days in Holland.

I try to pay more attention to relaxation. I am far from being a lazy person, but guess what? People like me, ex-perfectionist/workaholic/overachiever and someone who does it all, need to slow down sometimes. I am working on it, I am working on preserving my energy and teaching myself to let some things go or organise them in a way that would not make my life miserable, hectic or sweaty. It is not always possible, and it is good to have your schedule full so that there is no excuse not do something, but pauses are necessary for everyone, in everything.

I need to be better at it. I need to send myself more often to enjoy a long warm bath before going to bad instead of thinking that I should get some work done so that I will have less work to do later on. It is not possible because guess what? It does not end and yet you keep running, and catching and trying to manage.  It is good for me to watch my pointless TV shows, it is good for me to read gossip magazines to unwind and spend some quality time with my spouse. I need to work on relaxing more. Probably sounds funny to most students and people who are good at having the right balance of work & play. But I am yet to find mine and yet to see the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills latest episode…

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