September 14, 2011

The power of writing, getting things done and sharing.

It is nice to get things done. The feeling of finally doing things that you have been postponing for days, weeks or may be months is great. At last today I saw my to do list and got right to it without finding yet another reason not to. Surprisingly or may be expectedly once you manage to get things done, you have a very good feeling of being very productive.

 Amazing how powerful things can be if you write them down. And it is not only with to do lists. Have you ever tried putting down on paper your dreams, your goals or simply writing about how you feel?
When I was a teenager, I had a diary. Whenever I would be acting like any teen in puberty feeling like the whole world was against me and did not understand me, I would write about it in my diary. That would always let me blow off some steam and had almost a therapeutic effect making me feel good.

 It is a shame that we do not write by hand as much any more, but alternatively we have all these new ways of dealing with our emotions.

 Now we twitter about how frustrating the train delay was or post a status update on facebook about being tired, upset, happy or busy. It is certainly an alternative way to share your feelings and get rid of at least a small portion of negative emotions. The good thing about of sharing your feelings is that our friends or so called “facebook friends” often relate to us, support us or help with advice and that is something an old school diary cannot give.

 Another positive effect of posting something on facebook I noticed is a motivation to do what you posted you would do. At least for me it works that way. If I mention that I am going to do an Interval Cardio Burn, and believe me there are times when I really do not feel like it, the fact that I posted that gives me an external motivation to do it.
So what are your reasons to write things down and/or share?

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