October 6, 2011

Amsterdam in All Its Glory

Amsterdam in all it's glory

Living in Amsterdam is the best thing that could ever happen to me. I love cycling through the city, cruising through the canals, lying in the 'vondelpark' with my friends. I truly love Amsterdam. Recently I have moved into the 'pijp', In my opinion one of the nicest places of Amsterdam. I have the Albertcuypmarket in front of my door.

Unfortunately life in Amsterdam has a downside as well. Last week I woke up in the middle of the night, I heard something in my room. Since I had to make an exam in the morning at 8.30, I decided to not pay attention to the noise and tried to fall asleep again. Most of the time when I hear something in my room it happens to be a little mouse. I am usually terrified of those little monsters, but this time I could not care less, my exam was of great importance.

The following day I came home satisfied, because my exam went pretty well. I grabbed a cup of thea and sat down behind my desk in my room to finish my homework for the next day. As soon as I sat down, I heard the noise again. It came from behind my laundrey basket in the corner of the room. What could this be? I called my roommate and she listened attentively as well. Oh my gosh, this cannot be only one mouse, this must be a whole family. Did I say that I loved Amsterdam? I was not so sure anymore.

Even when we did not dare to do so, we lifted the laundry basket to see if we could find something.

And there is was. what we saw was disgusting! It was a long fat tail of some kind of animal. This was not a tiny little mouse, it was a rat! We could only scream. What can you do when you have a rat in your room? The poor animal was already there for two days. I slept in my room while there was a rat roaming in my room.

We started calling the police, the animal rescuers, pest control, and nobody was able to help us. The police was laughing, the animal rescuers did not come for a rat and the only thing they said was good luck girls, and the pest control was not available until the next day late in the evening. I would not survive another day with a rat in my room.

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