October 6, 2011

Amsterdam in All Its Glory, part 2

What would you do if you were in my shoes?! I called my parents in tears. I had never been so scared. My father came with the solution, just make a track was what he said, a track from your room to the front door. Since we did not had any alternatives this was the best option. I just moved in the house and I had various shelves that are supposed to be hanging on the wall. That was our equipment for the track.

Fortunately I was with four friends and they were willing to help me. We divided the tasks, and we all had a position in the house to lead the rat. Ofcourse it was naive to think that the rat would run out by our self made track. And as we already thought, he refused to do so. Lara, my roommate moved the laundry basket with a hockey stick, and the rat came in my dirrection. I was so scared that I suddenly dropped the shelf, yes, precisely on the head of the rat. Poor little thing, how sad is this! What do we do now?! Luckily a big garbage truck in my street came by, so we asked one of the garbage men to help us clean up a little mouse. When he came upstairs he was shocked, he was screaming that this was not a little mouse anymore, it is a rat! He took the rat with him, and we were relieved.

The next day I red about a rat infestation in my neighborhood, yes we have noticed that! We regret the rat did not survive, and that he has came to his end like this....

Living in Amsterdam is amazing, but it is also an adventure each and every day.

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