October 18, 2011


I have an account on Facebook, and so do half a billion other people around the world. You can customize your own page by mobile uploads, status updates and so on. I love to read funny messages from my friends, or follow them on what they are doing. Furthermore, I do like studyleaks on facebook!

I was wondering, what does facebook mean to me? I sometimes have the feeling that I am a bit old-fashioned!

I have an account since 2008, when I was living in Costa Rica for half a year to study Spanish. I wanted to stay in contact with the people there, and they suggested to sign up for facebook. At that time, only a few friends had an account, but it was useful for me to stay in touch with people from all over the world. I believe this was the intention of facebook, but Im not sure.

Surprisingly, now I have my ex-boyfriend, who dumped me years ago, sending me a message that he wants to be friends with me. For what purpose?! To increase his ‘friends’?

Or people from school (who do not speak to me in class) stalking me with questions like what do we have to do for school? Did I miss something today? Can you send me your report?

And what is wrong with all the people I met in bars and clubs who ask me my facebook account. I do not know you, and I am talking with you because I feel like talking right now, but I do not want to share my personal pictures and status updates with you. I do not want you to be my ‘friend’ on facebook, simply because we aren’t friends.



  1. Haha, yes a little but unfashioned. If someone asks you for your FB account at a bar he or she just wants to stay in touch. Facebook has options to create lists of people and design seperate privacy settings for each list. If you accept a friend invitation you can choose to put them in a list where you don't share updates or pictures, but that does allow you to send eachother text messages, stay in touch and meet up. Noone becomes a friend if you don't allow them into your life. The whole idea of staying in touch with people who aren't friends is because they may just become friends. If you had a good time, why stop there? Make friends!

  2. well thank you for sharing that information, I did not know that!