October 18, 2011

Free Time is Study Time

This week started off (or actually, this weekend) feeling like a holiday, but I’m gradually getting to grips with the fact that I should probably be doing some studying as it is officially not a holiday!

So, what feels like free time is meant to be filled with lots and lots of numbers and calculations. Of which I am not very fond.

This aversion to all things mathematical is simply because I suck at all of it (sorry, am not very good at it)! I used to be very good at maths when I was at school, and of course at that time I loved maths just because I could show off to all the other poor kids who just couldn’t understand it. And now I’m one of them….

Next week I will be redoing the exam for Trade Corporate Finance (it just sounds scary right?) as I didn’t take the test last year, due to resitting all the Financial Accounting tests. As one may notice, I am taking my sweet time with all these tests containing anything financial or number-related.

I would advise anyone who struggles with these kinds of exams to take their time as well. Of course, you can study and pass with a 5,5 but it probably won’t get you anywhere in the long run as many of us will be ending up in jobs where a little financial knowledge is surely going to be required. So, taking a little longer and making sure that you actually know and understand what you’re calculated during one of those test can be quite rewarding (I hope). At least, that’s what taking the Financial Accounting tests several times did for me!

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