October 10, 2011

Juggling Act

Juggling Act

It’s amazing how at one moment I can be completely convinced that I’m on track with all my schoolwork, and the next (when Blackberry decides to put the internet back on) I have about a hundred new frantic emails with things that MUST be done for tomorrow morning…

That’s when I experience a few moments of ‘brain freeze’, followed by erratic ‘what to do what to do what to do’ and then it’s about time to pull myself together again.

The solution that I’ve come up with is simply working on multiple assignments at the same time, as you can see below. It might not be the most effective when later looking at the content, but at least I can say (and show) that I did some work for all the subjects that I should have.

Now I’m wondering though, is it my extremely bad time-keeping and planning (personally I think I’m rather good at planning, though not so great at time-keeping) or is it just all those other things that are just too great to pass up? So many things and so little time!

Do I stay downstairs after dinner with my roommates and watch TV, go out for drinks, walk about on the Albert Cuyp market, go out for dinner, drink endless cups of tea and have the most interesting (and sometimes the most useless) conversations? Or do I do the sensible thing and leave early every time to get on with my work?

It really is a live juggling act!

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  1. um, even now you are juggling - and so i want to get it - are you suggesting then that the way you work is to do multiple tasks at once?
    funny - i always thought that focusing on one at a time helps (but that's just me!)