October 25, 2011

Money, money, money

Has anyone else noticed that they seem to be rather poor?
When we lived at home everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) was paid for by our parents. I probably should have appreciated that more... It seems as though I'm getting poorer by the minute, although my moving to Amsterdam probably didn't help!

Every month we prepare ourselves for the 24th, when the IB sends us a truckload of money, and we get behind our computer to pay the various bills. For me it's almost like 15 minutes of fame. For a little while I'm rich!! And then, inevitably, after paying those bills I am once again broke. It all goes by in a flash; rent, telephone bill, insurance, electric/water bill. And worst of all: college fees! This is because it's always (if you pay monthly like I do) deducted from your account a few days after the Stufi comes, which is almost unkind as there is a large amount sitting there in your account that you just cannot touch.

Anyway, how to solve this money problem?
I've had various jobs during the past 5 years, such as catering, hostess work, administrative work, promotion jobs, etc. All run of the mill odd jobs via student work agencies. At the moment though, I have something that I quite enjoy and could make something of in the future. I do translation work, which can be done from home and whenever you please (as long as it is finished on time)!
So, don't despair! There are plenty of jobs out there, but a little effort is required when looking for something that isn't completely horrifying. Plenty of bars and shops to work in, but if you're not into doing the same thing each time then a student work agency is great as it offers a lot of flexibility and variation.


  1. Yes, student time is a tough one financially - but just to give some perspective - I look back on it now with much nostalgia - the small apartment with no living room - just 2 rooms - and a leaking roof that we had to put numerous buckets under - the old senile neighbor who used to throw smelly things at us from the window...
    Can be funny with a few years of perspective... :)