October 4, 2011

Moving Day

Moving Day

To make use of the brilliantly sunny and warm weekend, I decided it was just the right time for me to make my move to Amsterdam. A great decision of course, as carrying hundreds of heavy bags and boxes in the sweltering heat just isn’t the best way to spend a weekend.

Luckily I made the switch from Utrecht to Amsterdam without too much trouble, and with help from family and friends (I really did manage to gather a LOT of junk these past few years…). However, I managed to cart it all up the 3 staircases and fit it into my room, so now I’m just waiting for the dust to settle.

As much fun as it can be to move and decorate a new room, it takes up so much more time that I had anticipated! And thus, all the great planning I had done with regard to projects and other homework assignments was unfortunately lost and everything was done Sunday night in bed. Not my best work, but sometimes schoolwork manages to come last rather often when there are other more entertaining things to be done.

My first real day in Amsterdam started of great though, walking out the front door thinking I knew exactly where I was going and then spending 55 minutes looking for the right tram to take me to our teambuilding session at the Amstel Science Park. Funny how I can still feel like a tourist in my own country…

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