October 28, 2011

Power of Arts

Historical sculptural in my opinion has incredible potential to carryout messages for People to learn from the past and have a wonderful remembering in the future. Last week while I was walking down the street suddenly something got my attention. what do you think it was? It was some of the sculptures which were from long time ago. By looking to some of these sculptures remind me to think about the past history of human being and their power to the other people who were living in the surrounding areas.

These sculptures let me to think about previous kings who were ruling some part of this world and had been doing lots of disastrous and catastrophic murder at this beautiful world. Because of these cruelty lots of people lost their family, children, and finally their own lives. Actually this is the power of the art which remind me to think about previous incident and happening that has long time ago occurred to this world. On the other hand, sculpture of a lady covered with white sun glasses) waiting for someone gave me the impression to think about Love, patience and peace, which also comes from these sculptures to be more positive about upcoming future.

I have learned from these sculptures to look wisely to the future and be patient to all challenges which I am going to face in my daily life. These arts can teach us to have a long looking to the future and reveal our dreams which we are waiting for and trying to be consistent in all aspects of lives.

Finally, I would like to mention that these kinds of sculptures are the relation of the past and legacy for the future. This legacy can teach us to learn about different cultures, different people and variety of other values which are around us.

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