October 28, 2011


The QMO exam, last Monday I had to make it again. The QMO exam is the Math test, I am sure that most of you know this one. I do not have the result back yet, but as my math skills are not that good, I think I failed again. It seems to me that I cannot do it. Although, I know you have to say to yourself that you can do it, and my parents keep telling me that it is ok if I have tried, and did the best I can. I made this exam six times already? I am in the 3rd year of the IM programm, and I still do not have my propaedeutic certificate. I miss one ECT, and that one is QMO. How frustrated it that? With all the effort, time after time a dissapointing result.

It is not that I have that much difficulties with calculations, it is the way the exams are taken. We have to make the exam on the computer, with a time clock on the screen. We have one hour to complete the test, 50 questions. Questions like: Find p, what is the value of x, square of 2. Since I already have had extra lessons on school, I decided to start with private tutoring.

And last monday was the day of the exam. And it was just not possible to fail again. All the hours that I had worked on my math skills. I could not sleep the night before, I was so exciting to take the exam, because I knew this would be the last exam in order to obtain my propaedeutic certificate. As soon as we had to log in on the system, I suddenly became very insecure. The first questions, the most simple multiplication sums, I did not know how to solve the sums anymore. The clock was ticking further.. Why do they torture us with this method of taking exams? And ofcourse this is an individual issue, because not every student has these difficulties with the method. But I do, and a few class mates do.

Why is this exam on the computer? Very modern, but I would be more secure to show my skills on paper, to let the teachers see that I do know the calculations. On the computer you only fill in your answer, so they cannot see how you came to a particular solution. It can be that I made a typing error, or sometimes I use the wrong punctuation mark. And that clock on the side of the screen, observers who let you sign a paper with your name during the test, very nervous making! This exam has become a major obstacle, and I get very demotivated by it. I passed for management accounting and financial accounting with high marks. This math test must be something psychological instead of a lack of skills...

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